Why Picturing Your Divorce Works -- Free

Why Picturing Your Divorce Works -- Free
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Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

This article from Picture Your Divorce™ is a free download. This article explains why & how Picturing Your Divorce Issues, Options, & Consequences makes your Divorce -- & Your Divorce Decisions:



.....Less Stressful

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Why (or How) are Pictures Going to Help Change Bad Decision-Making in Divorce?

Scientists tell us we learn more from pictures. Pictures can be 5 to 6 times more effective than words alone. Our brains work in pictures and associations; so pictures help our brains see things more clearly....

Pictures also help you use Picture Your Divorce as a quick reference to refer to again and again, to help you reach your best decisions throughout the process of your divorce. With the pictures in Picture Your Divorce, you won’t have to search in vain for a particular thought or subject – or the guidance you seek. You’ll find the reference you’re looking for right away in the list of pictures in the Table of Contents in Picture Your Divorce. You can readily see it all in a series of pictures.

I’ve used pictures for many years to help my clients and I make the difficult decisions in their cases, and in my practice. The right pictures do make it much easier to see – and evaluate and choose – the key options and consequences. Based on what the scientists tell us about how our brains work, these pictures should work for many people – most of the time.... _____________________________________________________________________________

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......Benefits:..... >25 Years of a Leading Attorney's Experience & Guidance -- in Easy-to-Understand Pictures

......Cost:......... <25 Minutes of the Average Attorney's Time

......Pictures:..... >50 Key Divorce Issues Pictures from A to Z. See It All Clearly First. ___________________________________________________________

. . . . . Pictures Help You See -- & Create -- Reality. That's Why You've Heard the following:

. . . . . . . . . Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words.

. . . . . . . . . Do You Need Me to Draw You a Picture? ___________________________________________________________

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