Property Division Spreadsheet

Property Division Spreadsheet
Item# 006

Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

Property Division Spreadsheet makes it easy for you to see how to divide Marital Property or Community Property equally or equitably. Many people wait to divide Property -- after the end of a long legal process.

Since Property Division --- or Confirmation --- is necessary to resolve most divorces, why wait to do it? See Now -- How to Divide your property -- easier & faster with built-in formulas that do the division, subtraction, & math calculations.

The Property Division Spreadsheet lets you test & see different scenarios or options in 1-page-at-a-glance. For instance, you can allocate some, all, or exactly 1/2 of some, all or a few items of property to you & your spouse, & see instantly the bottom line inequality. You can try other unlimited scenarios to see what division works best for you.

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