Picture Your Divorce -- the Book -- on Paper

Picture Your Divorce -- the Book -- on Paper
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Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

Picture Your Divorce -- the Book -- on Paper gives you the same great content & pictures.

[Picture Your Divorce -- the Paper Version, is the non-downloadable version that will be shipped in paper, so select the appropriate shipping method under Shipping.]


Picture Your Divorce is for those in need who would like to see the following before they do anything:

.............1. Divorce Issues: What do people need to do? What do people fight about?

.............2. Divorce Choices or Options: What can people do?

.............3. Divorce Effects or Consequences: What happens when people do the possible things they can do?


Too many people ignore the Divorce Issues, Choices & Effects. Or they act blindly.

Acting blindly only creates more trouble & pain.

Or they roll the dice.

Rolling the dice gives you at least a 50% chance of losing.

Rolling the dice without first knowing the Divorce Issues, Choices & Effects increases your chances of losing to >50%.

See what You Can, Should & Must Do in Your Divorce -- & what that creates -- Before You Decide.


-----*2013 Global Ebook Awards Bronze Medal Winner: Relationships/Sexuality

* www.www.http://globalebookawards.com/2013-global-ebook-awards-winners/


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