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Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

Custody-Support-Property provides Pictures of the 3 Key Divorce Issues Most People Fight Over Most.

These Essential Pictures from Picture Your Divorce™, the Double Award-Finalist Divorce Guide, include the following:

....A. The Custody Picture shows:

........ >20 Potential Consequences of a Custody Dispute most Parents fail to realize -- but eventually wish they'd known -- Before They Started Fighting Over their Children. _________________________________________________________

For a Free Copy of Child Custody Dispute Consequences Parents Need to Know Before They Fight:

........ Double-Click on the Diagram image above, or go to:

........ Picture Your Divorce Channel on youtube:



....B. The Support Pictures show the Key Factors most Courts use to Decide:

........(1) Child Support &

........(2) Spousal Support (aka Alimony or Maintenance).


....C. The Property Pictures show:

........(1) the Key Factors most Courts use to Determine Property Division &

........(2) the 13 Ways Parties can resolve Property Disputes.


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