Why People Decide Badly -- Free

Why People Decide Badly -- Free
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Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

This article from Picture Your Divorce Ebook is a free download. This article explains why too many people in divorce make bad decisions. Some of those reasons are:

.....The Stress of Divorce

.....The Conflicting, Uninformed Opinions of Others Who Think They Know

.....The Apparent Complexity of Divorce

.....The Lack of True Knowledge & Understanding

.....The Convergence of All These Things to Create Bad Decisions

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Why Do People Make Bad Decisions in Their Divorces – Aside from their Own Ignorance?

Divorce is Stressful, Emotional, & Potentially Destructive – & Most People Can’t See The Consequences.

Most people can't see the most likely consequences -- the consequences they don't want.

Those consequences we don’t want may be short-term consequences or long-term consequences. Suffering consequences we don’t want – and didn’t see ahead of time – can – and often does – make us more upset, leading to more bad decisions. In my experience, bad decision-making in divorce can – and often does – become a vicious circle or cycle. Once it starts, it’s hard to end it. When you also consider the likelihood your spouse will also make bad decisions or react badly to your bad decisions, you can see the vicious cycle of bad decisions tends to grow and perpetuate.

Good divorce decisions are decisions you can live with, and feel comfortable about, now, and long into the future. Good divorce decisions don’t unnecessarily cause anyone pain. Making good divorce decisions requires you to realize first what else makes good divorce decision-making hard to do. So you won’t make the same mistakes as other people.... _____________________________________________________________________________

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