PYD Expenses Spreadsheet

PYD Expenses Spreadsheet
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Divorce Aid to Help You See Clearly to Decide Right

PYD Expenses Spreadsheet takes the guesswork & hard work out of figuring your monthly expenses. You need to calculate your monthly expenses to see if & how you can afford all your living expenses.

The first step is to add up your monthly expenses, as any financial planner or economist can tell you. But, for most people, figuring their monthly expenses is such a huge chore & bore they tend to avoid it all costs -- & then make mistakes.

PYD Expense Spreadsheet helps you make sure you avoid mistakes, & include all expenses in its 1-page-at-a-glance view. Then, the Spreadsheet formulas add your expenses by categories, and by total expenses. You can revise your expenses as necessary to help you see how to budget your money available, and how much you need.

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